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Hello and thank you for visiting!  I'm Grace Pennington, an artist who specializes in portraiture, capturing special memories of people, animals, and nature through my realism painting style in the Northern Virginia area.  I also enjoy creating abstract art and illustrations, since these are other art forms that fuel my creativity and imagination.  The fine arts have become a lifelong journey and passion for me as I not only enjoy creating but absolutely love it!

My vision is to produce extraordinary art that is unique and personal to you.  The creative possibilities are endless, and we'll work together to make the perfect art piece that tells your story.







"Godfrey, the Runaway Slave" is a portrait created by John and Grace, the collaborative art team at Pennington Studio. This pencil artwork is currently on exhibition at the Sully Historic Site in Sully, Virginia.

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Tracy's Kids!


Tracy’s Kids is a pediatric art therapy program for children with cancer. This organization helps young cancer patients and their families cope with the emotional stress and trauma of cancer and its treatment, while offering their services for free. Tracy's Kids' art programs in Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, and San Antonio, Texas, are dedicated to help ensure that these children are ready to live full, happy, and healthy lives. To learn more about Tracy's Kids, please visit their website at


of all portrait sales go to Tracy's Kids!


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